Our Story



No, you don’t need to grab a facial tissue or do special breathing exercises to prepare yourself for a sad tale, because this storyline is far from over! It’s still developing, refining itself, reinventing itself, and weaving further into a never-ending story of opportunities and unbridled success. 



My name is Tracey and ten years ago I started Brand Spanking Marketing (BSM) with the purpose to make a difference.  Not to change the world, but to do something different with a “tired” advertising and marketing model that was just not humanistic, fun or challenging. I also wanted to create a real sense of fusion between data and creativity, with a slant towards a measurable and achievable ROI for all clients. Now, this was different and exciting and I was pumped! In 2011 I was on an acquisition mission and secured Nestlé as our first FMCG account. Once the proverbial ball began rolling, I introduced key organizational differences into our business ethos.  This centered around the following: Clients will be respected like friends; the team will be treated like family- literally as Jen is my second in command and to create a stimulating environment where people are inspired and want to be!



From 2012 to 2018, I continued driving new business, pushing the creative boundaries and even being awarded a Guinness World Record for a campaign for Novartis, a formidable pharmaceutical player. Winning a pitch for the Spar North Rand Trade Show placed us on a winning trajectory by acquiring the prestigious Dr. Oetker account, accelerating BSM further into the in-store promotions and activations space. With consumers spending more money, there was a proliferation of malls built, and we got our first shopping mall client, Masingita Towers in 2017. In 2019 I attended Social Media Marketing World in San Diego, and this is where Brand Spanking Digital, the 360-degree digital arm of the agency was born.

2020 and all its challenges arrived, but the agency continued to acquire new clients who wanted to seriously play in the digital, promotions and activations universe.  We also grew so much that we decided to create 4 divisions to adequately service all our client’s needs: Brand Spanking Marketing, Brand Spanking Events, Brand Spanking Life and Brand Spanking Digital. New game-changing brands came on board with no ending in sight as to what can be achieved. Today, the USA division of Brand Spanking Marketing was formed in Denver, Colorado. This is a new endeavor and a really exciting opportunity to expand the BSM dream further afield.

Ok, now you can see why “there’s no happy ending” to our story. Each day is a new beginning and with so many incredible opportunities ahead, it’s hard not to be super-excited about the future. With a team as supportive, energized, positive, and captivating as the BSM family, there’s no telling what we can all achieve in the next chapters of our truly caring, remarkable and ROI focused agency.  


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