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The Laughing Cow Cheese Case Study 

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Brand Spanking Marketing was briefed to develop and execute a yearlong below-the-line campaign. The objective was to drive sales, entrench the brand's positioning as a "snacking cheese", and defend/increase market share against house brands making inroads at major retailers. 


Campaign Details

We executed the idea across several media types, including: 

•Instore tasting with promoters – Using the Laughing Cow Discovery wheel with an added competition element. The consumers would spin the wheel. And the promoter would prepare the cheese tasting with the foods/flavours as directed by the wheel. This fun, interactive element disrupted the typical in-store tasting process and yielded great results. 

•Competition - We asked consumers to buy any pack of The Laughing Cow Cheese. Then, to show the proof of purchase to the promoter to receive a free pack of TLC “memory game” cards. The till slip qualified your entry into the main prize draw - a fun snack party for your child. 

•Data Collection – We used the database collected from the competition for post-campaign communications and further direct marketing. 

Other campaign elements included.: 

Design & production of all campaign collateral 

Snack Recipe development 


Street Poles Advertisements 

Pull Up Banners – design & production.

In-store tasting tables – design of wraps and production 

Promoter uniforms

Activations with The Laughing Cow Mascot 


We developed a concept around the "joy of discovery". The Laughing Cow Cheese range is flexible and can be applied to various foods to make it the ultimate snack. Our interactive campaign showcased how the product is enhanced by different foods and flavors – i.e. the cheese puts a new spin snack time. 

The idea revolved around a “spinning wheel” mechanism in which we recommend flavors and food with which to pair the cheese to create a new snack sensation. 

The campaign was successfully executed over 150 stores nationwide and yielded a dramatic increase in sales over the period. 


Crispa Gold Commercial Cooking Oil Case Study (Sime-Darby Hudson & Knight SA) 

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Services Offered: 

•In-Depth Branding Workshop – Key stakeholders were taken through a proprietary workshop process to get magic insights and ideas. 

•Extensive desktop and available market research reviewed. 

•Brand Strategy Development – Identifying strategic gaps and market insights based on research to inform new a new value proposition and refined brand positioning – including a brand platform, brand story and marketing/communications tactics recommendations to activate the above. 

•Logo Design and New Visual Language – Refined logo, CI and packaging recommendations for a stand-out presence in a cluttered, commoditized market


Crispa Gold is a renowned premium brand in the foodservice industry – known for making the "best chips" and fried foods because of the unique oil blend and long frying life. 


We were asked to reposition the brand to defend against lower-cost competitors and flagging brand loyalty and low awareness among new chefs. Brand Spanking Marketing underwent a thorough brand strategy review and refinement process to inform the new design and packaging options for the brand to consider.  


The client has activated the new brand positioning internally and is in the process of rolling this out on their food service collateral. The design element has not yet been activated. However, we're incredibly proud of the work.


Château Gâteaux Cakes and Desserts Case Study 

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Campaign Details


•Ongoing project and account management 

•Qualitative research and brand audits 

•Reviewing market and thorough desktop research + competitor reviews

•Brand Strategy Development – New refreshed positioning, brand platform and marketing recommendations to activate. 

•Logo and CI Development – Comprehensive design and communications guidelines, including tone-of-voice and templates. 

•In-Store Design – Designing the new Château Gâteaux stores in line with the new CI and positioning. 

•Marketing Strategy Development – Working with the Château Gâteaux team to define our marketing strategies, tactics and media plans.

•Communications Strategy Development – Big Idea and rollout recommendations 

•New Website + new e-commerce platform (rapid switch-on due to COVID) 

•Social Media Management – Ad-words/PPC, SEO, content strategy, blogs and daily channel management. 

•Ongoing strategic consultation and advice with senior management 

•Ongoing design rollout – i.e. in-store communications, online and pop-up stores, banners, poster etc. 

•Above-the-line communications, i.e. street pole ads, billboards, digital OOH and radio campaigns. 

•Food styling and food photography 

•Ongoing video content development 

•Influencer campaign guidelines and oversight 




Born in 1997, Château Gâteaux has become synonymous with gourmet-style, quality cakes, pastries and desserts sold over 15 stores nationwide. In 2018, Brand Spanking Marketing was commissioned to conduct a brand audit and recommend a refined brand positioning and new CI post their new ownership agreement with Dr. Oetker South Africa. Initially approached as a consultant firm, the whole account was eventually awarded to us due to our disruptive approaches and consistent ability to deliver on challenging briefs and timelines


We were asked to look at the brand with fresh eyes and to make recommendations to enhance the overall value proposition and positioning. The main goal was to generate increased sales, brand awareness and become a sought-after brand to stock in retail. 


Château Gâteaux products are now being sold at major retailers, and we currently have 15 stores nationally. The new store rollout is in process, and several innovations are being launched. The brand has seen an uptick in sales and increased engagement on all social media channels. The eCommerce channel is wildly popular and continues to add to the company's growing bottom-line. This really is one of our favorites!


Ital Pizza Repositioning and Refresh Case Study 

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Services Offered: 

Desktop research and brand audit 

Repositioning recommendations – including strategic insights, gaps and new positioning territory we can occupy to deliver on the brief. 

Design – refreshed campaign and Ital Pizza visual language recommendations. 


We realized that Ital Pizza is the only frozen pizza brand topped with ingredients designed to thrill the South African palate. We prefer stronger cheeses, meatier toppings and local favorites like Peppadew (sweet, mild peppers unique to Mzansi). After a rigorous strategic review process, we developed the new brand positioning around being "Authentic Afritalian Pizza” – and that Ital puts the ZA in pizza. 


Dr. Oetker SA's leading oven-to-table pizza brand, Ital Pizza, was due for a refresh. The brand has been a consistent performer for the company. Still, research indicated that the brand would benefit from more emotive positioning. The main objective was to defend and grow its middle-premium market positioning against a growing raft of smaller, independent players/house brands. 

Beyond Ital Pizza, Brand Spanking Marketing has long served Dr. Oetker’s family of brands like Ristorante Pizza, Nice ‘nEasy Meals, Green Valley, Château Gâteaux Cakes, Happy Days Pizza and Dr. Oetker Patisserie Baked Cheesecake Slices. As the lead agency, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to refresh South Africa’s best-loved frozen pizza brand. 

 2021 Campaigns Thus Far: 

The new positioning has been applied successfully to several above and below the line advertising campaigns, including: 

• Ital Pizza MmmmmmZAsi Memory Challenge – Jan/Feb 2021 – We built an online game in which users would compete to win their share of a large cash prize. 

• Ital Pizza EastZA Hunt – March/April 2021 – We developed a series of complex images in which users are tasked to identify the object hidden in the graphics to win 1 of 6 air fryers




Cepacol Throat Lozenges Case Study 

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We have loads of experience in the pharmaceutical and medical industry. We really love this piece of work that was completed but never executed by Adcock Ingram’s Cepacol Throat Lozenges. 


To develop a through-the-line campaign over several touchpoints and outlets. The brand was traditionally perceived as a staid brand aimed at older consumers. Our job was to reposition the brand as young and relevant with a clever campaign.  


Sometimes it’s the small things that have the most significant impact: a stone in your shoe, popcorn stuck in your teeth, a paper cut and of course, a sore throat. Sadly, like a shoe without a stone in it or a throat without a scratch, we only become aware of them when it’s too late. Suddenly these tiny things can have a big impact. Thankfully with Cepacol’s lozenges, you can go back to forgetting you ever had a sore throat. A small little lozenge that has the power to get rid of a big inconvenience





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